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Fall 2016

Policies and Regulations (Please read):
  • Registration and placement tests are held at the Open House scheduled at the beginning of a semester. Placement tests are given to all new applicants (adults & children) who learned some Arabic in the past. They consist of a 15 minutes conversation, reading, or writing and are given on registration days, free of charge. 
  • Tuition should be paid in full at the time of registration, by check, cash or credit card (Visa or Master Card). Tuition is non-refundable after the first class and may not be transferred to another semester. Return check fee is $20. The Alif Institute is not responsible for classes missed due to student absence. Textbook costs are not included in tuition except when indicated.
  • Classes are filled on a first come, first served basis upon receipt of full payment.
  • Cancellation of a class due to insufficient enrollment will be made three business days before the first class. The Alif Institute reserves the right to cancel, change schedules, change ‘age range’ for children classes, fees/tuition, and instructors as necessary.
  • The Alif Institute programs and facilities are available to all persons without discrimination by race, color, creed, age, sex, national origin, or handicap.
  • The Alif Institute has determined a set of rules to insure a favorable learning environment for every student. Children and youth students attending classes at Alif Institute must abide by these rules and parents share the responsibility of seeing that their children adhere to these rules.
  1. Students should arrive on time and should be prepared for class.
  2. Class disruption, inappropriate gestures or language, or throwing objects is not tolerated
  3. Talking, eating or chewing gum is not allowed in class.
  4. Teachers are allowed to administer the necessary disciplinary actions as in most educational institutions, when students break any of these rules.
  5. Running or causing disturbance in the building is not allowed.
  6. Defacing or destroying the Institute property or other personal property is not tolerated.
  7. Leaving the Alif Institute without permission is not allowed.
  8. All students should leave the Institute promptly at the conclusion of class. If it is necessary to wait a short time for transportation home, students should wait in the area designated by the teacher.
  9. Parents will be notified when their students violate these rules for the first time. Repeated violations of the rules may lead to the student’s expulsion from the class. The Alif Institute will refund part of the tuition corresponding to the remaining class hours for that course.

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